“A Game of Shadow and Bones” is all about the Netflix YA fantasy show and the changing art of book adaptation. It appears in Interstellar Flight Magazine July 2023.

Read it here: https://magazine.interstellarflightpress.com/a-game-of-shadow-and-bones-1da99f024496

“Why Space Sweepers is the Future of the Future” is an assessment of the 2021 Korean science fiction film that provides food for thought as well as popcorn fodder. Read it here: https://medium.com/interstellar-flight-press/why-space-sweepers-is-the-future-of-the-future-f0d0eb3ea82e

“How Dungeons & Dragons Saved Life in Lockdown” is the story of how an online D&D game helped save me from depression, boredom and loneliness in the year of the plague. Read it here: https://medium.com/interstellar-flight-press/how-dungeons-dragons-saved-life-in-lockdown-43681a4e013