My cosy fantasy story ‘Victory and Vanilla’ is a tale about a magical baking competition, featuring cake-related drama, dastardly cheating, a royal family, and what lurks in your wildest dreams. It’s published in the June 2024 issue of Luna Station Quarterly. You can buy a digital or a beautiful physical copy here

A picture of a man playing the alto sax, with a planet in the background

“In Space No-One Can Hear You Play Alto Sax” is a science fiction story about what people who are leaving Earth want to take with them. It’s joint winner of the Kepler Award in the short category, and a review in Tangent Magazine says it’s “A sweet story without becoming saccharine and the author writes well.”

It’s published in Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, and you can read it online here

“Our Lady of the Void” is a tale of folk horror… in SPACE!!!

Recommended by tor dot com as a ‘must read’, it has now been longlisted for the BFS Award for Best Short Story!

Featuring singing of space shanties, space horror shenanigans, and even a cat.

It appears in Interzone Issue#296, due out 20th November 2023, order your copy here:

“The Tattooist of Triton” is a science fiction story about body art… in SPACE! It’s published in Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores and it even has a special illustration.

Read it here:

A man's back covered in tattoos
The cover of the June 2023 issue of Luna Station Quarterly

“Before the Unicorn Hunt” is a story set in the depths of a magical forest, at a hunting lodge where the prince is about to arrive for the annual unicorn hunt. There is much more to the lives of both unicorns and his own servants than the prince suspects…

It appears in the June 2023 issue of Luna Station Quarterly. You can read it free online, or order a beautiful physical copy, here:

“At Dragonbone Bay” is an epic fantasy tale, told on a small scale.

It’s about a princess fighting for her birthright in the waters of a bay filled with the bones of long-dead dragons.

It’s published in the anthology “From the Depths” from Wyldblood Press, order your copy here:

“A Banquet in Turquoise and Indigo” is a fantasy tale of poison, swordfighting, and sapphic romance.

It appears in the “Prismatic Dreams” anthology from All Worlds Wayfarer, order your copy here:

“Not A Basking Shark” is a tale about how the sea is beautiful and also terrifying. It features a marine biologist’s encounter on a Cornish beach with a mysterious creature from the depths. Spoiler: it’s not a basking shark.

It appears in the February 2022 issue of Fireside, read it here:

“We Who Are Left On This Dying Earth” is a gentle and bittersweet tale of the climate apocalypse and the last survivors clinging to life at the end of the world.

It appears in the June 2021 issue of Luna Station Quarterly, read it here: